A revolutionary musical experience”


To fully experience the 18th century, you must hear the music that was performed in all walks of colonial society – the music of the taverns, the manor houses, on the streets and on the battlefields.  Colonial Faire endeavors to present to you a Colonial Sampler of that time in America. 

Colonial Faire hails from the historic city of Fredericksburg, Virginia, boyhood home to George Washington and many other influential figures of the American Revolution.  The five-person ensemble serves up a musical feast of songs and tunes performed in the manor houses, taverns, and battlefields of Colonial America. In fact, Colonial Faire performs regularly at the meticulously preserved historic houses, and taverns of Virginia that were once inhabited by our colonial forebears.  Our list of regular appearances include Stratford Hall, Ferry Farm, George Washington's Birthplace, Kenmore, Chatham, Rising Sun Tavern, Fredericksburg's Market Square, Mary Washington House and Hugh Mercer's Apothecary Shop



Colonial Faire